The future of marketing: personal, data-driven, technology-powered.

We are a marketing services company offering data, technology and operational support in an agile, co‑managed model – enabling you to deliver brand personalization at scale.

Your technology & data + our people & processes

We are vendor and technology agnostic, and work with our clients’ choice of platforms, data and technology stacks. We work as an embedded extension of our clients’ marketing organization – equipping them with the right skills and capabilities to manage the vast array of technology, tools and programs they require.

Marketing Operations

Seamlessly scale your marketing operations without commensurate costs.

Convert customers across various digital touchpoints with data-driven, personalized marketing programs. One of the biggest challenges marketers face today is the rapidly escalating cost of program management. That’s the cost of implementing digital marketing programs at scale, i.e. platform management (for campaign production & deployment in email, ad ops, data & mobile), content coding, tagging, QA, monitoring, reporting and project management. We help marketers scale their marketing operations by decoupling strategy and creative from implementation; creating cost savings and productivity gains up to 50%.

  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • App Marketing
  • Ad Operations
  • SEO
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Campaign Execution, Analytics & Reporting
  • Marketing Platform Management
  • Agency Coordination Services

Data Services

Enable smarter decisions and program implementations with data-driven views of customer journeys, segments & values.

We enable you to enhance the use of data & analytics across your organization – from building a solid foundation of data operations, to the use of analytics across your marketing functions. Our analysts, statisticians and data engineers work as an extension of your team to provide you with an entire spectrum of data solutions.

  • Decision Support, Dashboards
  • Visualization & Reporting
  • Custom Analytics
  • Optimization & Attribution
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data Engineering/ Operations
  • Data Mining & Warehousing
  • Data Integration
  • Data Cleansing & Management
  • Data Tagging for AI/ML applications

Marketing Technology Services

Align and integrate your marketing technology stack with your marketing needs.

Unconnected technology stacks are marketing teams’ Achilles’ heel, leading to a lack of ability to micro-target, personalize and run multiple programs at scale. Services from platform vendors are expensive, and trained internal resources are either limited or simply unavailable. We provide technology services for the entire marketing technology stack, including: CRM, data & analytics platforms, content management, ecommerce, payments and mobile. We work as an extension of your team, enabling you to keep up with the velocity of change…

  • Marketing Systems Integrations
  • Marketing Process Automation
  • Custom Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Hosted and Managed Services
  • Technical Services, Monitoring & Security

Content Services: Localization,
Validation & Curation

Deliver consistency, quality and context in your digital content.

Streamline the delivery of high-quality content to ensure all parts of marketing and messaging are optimized and in sync. Eliminate ambiguity in your messaging and digital collateral, so that you can deliver the clarity and value your customers are looking for.

  • Content Monitoring: Blogs, Help Sites, Maps POIs, Emails, etc.
  • Validation of User Generated Content
  • Localization of Creative Builds/Deliverables
  • Policy Guidelines Cross Content Formats & Geographies
  • Contextual Research By Region
  • Keyword & Competitive Research Analysis